INTERNeX Says Goodbye to M to the Ike

Hey guys,
So tonight is our weekly PuB NiGHT at Doolin’s Irish Pub (654 Nelson Street). But this Wednesday is going to be slightly different then all the rest…it is Mike’s last PuB NiGHT. Mike has been an intern at INTERNeX for the past five months, and sadly the time has come to say goodbye to him. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike for just three weeks but for those of you have known him longer I’m sure you all know how much he has grown. In case you are unaware of Mike’s life story, I’m going to give you a brief little recap. At the tender age of 23, this shy little Dutch boy left his home with his clogs and block of cheese in hand to work in Vancouver, Canada. Completely astonished by the all the high-rises which had replaced his comforting windmills back home, Mike was determined to make friends. Working as an Intern at INTERNeX, he attended the weekly PuB NiGHTS but hated the limelight and ultimately faded in the background because of his overwhelming shyness.

As the weeks went by Mike began to come out of his shell tremendously and everyone enjoyed the antics of this little curly golden haired Dutch boy.

Soon Mike was out of control and just wanted to hog all the spot light. This shy little boy named Mike had transformed into his alter ego better known as M to the Ike!

Now the date of his departure is slowly but surely approaching and we are all sad to see him go. So let’s try and give M to the Ike one more memorable night so he doesn’t forget us all too quickly. We wish you good luck Mike and you will not easily be forgotten because we all actually do like you, no matter how terrified I look in this picture. See you all tonight!

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