INTERNeX Family Interview #2

Less then a few more hours till the start of the weekend woohoo! So last week I mentioned to you all that a new project of mine was to introduce to you the members of the INTERNeX family. Last week you had a brief glimpse into the mind that created this company from scratch-Tim. And today I will introduce you to Martina, just one of the many brains that make up this great company.

What is your first name?

Where are you from?
Berlin, Germany.

What languages do you speak fluently other than English?


What position do you hold at INTERNeX? And for how long have you been working here?
It’s difficult for me to condense what I do into one neat title, so I won’t try haha. I am the Ranchstay program manager, Homestay coordinator and Finance manager. And by this upcoming March it will be four years that I have been working at INTERNeX.

What made you want to become involved with INTERNeX in the first place?
I actually started off as a client of INTERNeX and more specifically a participant of the Internship program. Throughout my participation I realized that I wanted to stay in Vancouver after my completion of the program and I really believed in INTERNeX’s core mission, so the obvious next step was to become involved as an employee instead of a client.

In what ways do you think INTERNeX is unique from other international placement agencies? What does INTERNeX specifically offer that no other company can?
Well the company INTERNeX is backed by an amazing international team that has had firsthand experience of what our clients will be going through. Since they are so passionate about the concept of globalization they see INTERNeX as more than a job but rather a belief which they unwaveringly support. More specifically our team offers clients integrity, something that is too often forgotten.

What changes within INTERNeX have you personally witnessed since you have joined the team?
This company has grown dramatically over the past four years that I have been here and the overall infrastructure has drastically improved. We finally have systems and procedures in place that make for the smooth running of this company.

Where would you like to see INTERNeX in the next 10 years? Do you have any New Year’s goals for the company?
I would like to have our name to denote a world renowned company and thus be the first name that pops up in peoples minds when they think of an educational travel provider. I think international recognition is not just my own goal, but everybody’s for the company this year.

Tell us one interesting thing about yourself that not a lot of people know?
Back in high school, my best friend and I made a list of things we want to do before we die. Years went by and the memory of this list faded. Funnily enough though my friend one day called me and said that she had been rummaging through some of her old things and found these wish lists that we had made many years ago. She had read through them to see if we had accomplished any of our items and one of the points that I had written down was to eventually live in Canada. And look at where I am today…in Canada. Strike one off the list!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I’m a little bit of a travel nut so I really couldn’t imagine myself staying in any one place too long but my next wish spot is New Zealand. And interestingly enough we actually have an office over their so this would be perfect for me as I would still be able to keep that connection to INTERNeX.

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