INTERNeX PuB NiGHT 2010-01-25

Hey everyone today is your lucky day…two blog posts for your enjoyment! This week was the start of our PuB NiGHT revival haha. These past few weeks the PuB NiGHT has kind of been under the radar but Shinya, Matt and I are dedicated to getting it going again and even better then before. We are actually planning to change our location every three weeks so if you have any suggestions for possible locations we are more than happy to listen. This week we went to Malone’s Bar & Grill and it was lots of fun. We had great company, ate some yummy food and then drank some delicious drinks…what more could you ask for. As you can see below, Shinya and Shintaro enjoyed their yam fries quite a bit (Shinya was a little distracted by the hockey game)

I on the other hand wasn’t too keen on having my picture taken…

it was a long day k? haha and I just wasn’t camera ready. It was great seeing all you there though and I hope that even more of you will be able to make it next week. Same location and same time. Talk to you guys later!

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