Hockey Night in Canada; brought to you by….. Switzerland

4 years ago to the day, the Swiss nearly pulled off another shocker; stymieing Canada’s aspirations and shaking the hockey world to the core.  “NEARLY”…. Far to close for comfort to the millions of hockey mad Canadian followers that will, for better or worse, only be happy when gold comes home.  Woe betide the nation place second, or even worse, replicate their 7th place embarrassment of Torino; lets hope that we won’t need to prepare for another 4 years of melancholic hangover after these games… our games.

One has to hand it to the Swiss; they are not an “up and coming” hockey nation, they are already at the table with the hockey giants. And they love this game too, yes it is our game, but we, as all good Canadians should, embrace their arrival on the scene and lend our support to any nation crazy and passionate enough to want to play this game… the fastest, hardest, and most beautiful sport of all!

Like a Swiss watch, all the parts played perfectly as a whole, and with all the tools of a Swiss Army Knife the Swiss truly played as a team, (sadly) unlike the Canadian endeavour which still has to find its cohesion (which it never did in 2006)… we have to get our act together if we are honestly making a run of it.   Hearing the cheers of the Swiss as they raced back on two excellent goals to tie the Canadians 2-2 with ample opportunities to make the “upset” a two time show… backstopped once again by a goalie capable of and willing to, stand on his head YET AGAIN for his hockey nation. Overtime and 8 shooters including our hero, Sid the Kid, was what it finally took to squeak by the Jonas Hiller wall to make it a 3-2 victory for the home team.

It was not only a matter of the Canadians playing poorly, (which was the case at times); it truly was a colossal effort by the fantastic Swiss squad.  WELL DONE, and honestly, though we can all breathe a loud sigh of relief, one has to hand it to the Swiss; they NEARLY earned their place in infamy… yet again, but deep down all Canadians should be proud of this “new” hockey mad nation’s ability to stand toe to toe with us, and scare our socks off!


One thought on “Hockey Night in Canada; brought to you by….. Switzerland

  1. The Swiss team was great and even if the Canadian Team had more chances to score, the Swiss where not easy to beat. After the overtime it was still 2-2.

    Both goalies did a great job, but it was of course fantastic for Canada to win against Switzerland 3-2.

    I hope to see the Swiss team in the Finals.

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