News Flash!

So last week we said our farewell to one of our lovely interns, Marine has finished her internship placement and the office seems so empty! She was an amazing intern and really helped the company so she will be missed by us all. So of course when one leaves, another comes in to replace. And since i am close to finishing up my own placement she has a lot to learn in just a short amount of time…but i have faith. From what I’ve heard about this she seems fully capable and hopefully willing to take my place lol. I believe that she will be coming into the office sometime this week so expect to see an introduction online somewhere of the new face of INTERNeX. I am really excited to have someone else in the office to help me out and to finally start planning you guys some awesome events, because i know we have been slacking in that area. Anyways back to work, but let’s give her a nice warm welcome when she does finally arrive!

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