INTERNeX Pot Luck July 17!

After the success of last month’s PotLuck we are organizing another PotLuck Party! Join other INTERNeX participants on July 17 for a PotLuck! Come to the Staffhouse at 6.30 pm and join in the fun!

For those of you that don’t know what a PotLuck is, all the more reason to come and join us! A potluck is when people come together and each person brings a dish of food with them to share with the rest of the group. Since we have so many people from different cultures, this is a perfect way to experience what kind of food people eat in other countries.

Last time someone made a amazing Goulash, a popular dish in eastern Europe! Other highlights were homemade Icecream, pancakes and apple crumble. Let’s see if we can top these dishes with a spectacular dish from your home country! For pictures from the last potluck, click here!

Please e-mail me at to tell me what you’re bringing. This is so we don’t have duplicates of dishes. If you don’t know where the staff house is, also e-mail me for directions!  You can bring an appetizer, main course or dessert! It’s completely up to you! We really hope you can make it!

– Manouk

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