Join our PotLuck for some delicious food!

Have you e-mailed home yet asking how to make that one traditional dish your mom or grand mom used to make you? If not don’t worry you still have one day to come up with the perfect dish that represents your home country, or with a dish that you would love to share with other people!

Did you go grocery shopping for all the ingredients you need to make the dish you are preparing for the PotLuck? For some fresh ingredients and ideas you might want to check out the Granville Island Public market! They have lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and many more!

Be sure to prepare a meal at your home and if needed you can heat it up, or put it in the refrigerator at the house sow we can make sure it is served the way it should!

Hope to see you tomorrow at 6.30 pm at our staffhouse! Need directions? Email me at

– Manouk

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