Have a BLAST this weekend!

Have you made plans for this weekend yet? If not come join us INTERNeX girls and other candidates for some fun!

Meet us Saturday July 24 for the Fireworks.  This Saturday  it is Spain’s turn to show of their skills. The show, sponsored by London Drugs, is called Hell & Heaven and is an exercise of imagination and force, you’ll enjoy it with the recreation of the fight between the light and the darkness.

We will meet up in front of the Starbuck at the Laughing statues in English Bay at 7 pm. That will give us some time to throw a ball around, have a talk, have a laugh, watch the sunset and then enjoy the fireworks! Be sure to bring a blanket and some warm clothes, as it will get colder as the sun goes down!

For more information about the fireworks festival, click here

On Sunday we are having a day at the beach to celebrate the summer! We will meet up in front of the Watermark Restaurant at Kitsilano Beach  at 12 pm! for directions on how to get there, click here

All you need to bring with you is a towel, sunscreen and some lunch! Afternoon snacks will be provided. Also we will be playing some fun games, such as frisbee, beachball etc. Have some fun games of your own? Be sure to bring them with you!!

Please send us an e-mail at pr@internexcanada.com or leave a facebook message if you are coming on to the fireworks and/or the beach!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and hope to see you on Saturday and/or Sunday!


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