Dress up at Beach!

I don’t know about you guys but I had a great weekend! I spent all weekend relaxing on the beach, laying in the sun and having a good time.

Saturday Mette and I went to English Bay at 2 p.m. to soak up some sun and watch the fireworks in the evening. Because we were there so early, we found a perfect spot to watch the fireworks. During the day we went swimming, read a book and worked on our tans. As the day progressed it became busier and busier. More people came to enjoy the fireworks and by the time they started, there was no space available to sit anywhere on the beach! You had to be very creative if you wanted to get to your towel.

It was worth the wait and the hectic crowds! Spain really knows how to put on a good show. The fireworks were amazing. Did you miss out on Saturday’s fireworks? You still have the chance to see them Wednesday and Saturday.

On Sunday, we had another beach party at Kitsilano beach, where we met up with several INTERNeX candidates. After laying in the sun for awhile, we got a game of beach volleyball going. It was a lot of fun but the teams really had to work on their communication skills! Everyone thought the other team member would get the ball!

After the volleyball game, it was time to play an INTERNeX game. The winners of this game could win tickets to the Vancouver International Film centre. The group was divided in to two groups of 5 and each member of the group had to complete a series of tasks. The first task was to blow up and wear water wings, diving goggles, a hat and a water ring around their waist. After that, the person wearing the gear had to run towards a pole in the sand. They had to run 5 circles around this pole and then try to throw a ring into a circle we made in the sand. If completed successfully they had to use a bucket and some shovels to make a sandcastle. They then had to run back to the start and give the gear to the next person, who had to do the same obstacle course. The winning team had to have finished first and made the best sandcastle!

It was  hilarious to see everyone get dressed up and run around trying to win the game. But in the end only one team could win! So congratulations to the winning team! You guys did an amazing job!! To see more pictures of this awesome game, click here

But that was not the only game we played that day. There was also a quick trivia game. The game was won by Ralf, who can now enjoy some chocolate with his gift certificate at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The rest of the day we spent laying in the sun and working on our tans.

It was an amazing day, made perfect by all the people that came out! So thanks everyone for making the day extra special and hope to see you at PuBNiGHT on Wednesday!


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