Afrika is coming to Calgary!

Want to explore and learn about a colorful culture? Here is your chance – take a trip to Africa next weekend!

Enjoy a celebration of African culture featuring music, literature, arts, dance, cuisine and more at Afrikadey Festival from August 9th – 14th at Prince’s Island Park in Calgary (the bridge to the island from downtown is at the north end of 3rd St SW, near the Eau Claire Market shopping area) . There will be a wide range of different activities and events for everybody to join in on. Whether you want simply to celebrate the culture, learn how to dance or play the drums, try some delicious traditional food  or if you just want to be entertained, Afrikadey will definitely be  fun for everyone! The festival is almost a week long, however some of the really cool things and amazing concerts take place in the last to – three  days of the festival! Some of the concerts and activities are free, while  some have a fee of approximately $20 – e.g. the dance workshop (which takes place on Friday August 13). This festival will be filled with laughter and joy, and give you insight in a exciting and different culture!

If you want to check out the schedule for Afrikadey click here

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