Get a cheap taste of China in Vancouver!

If you’re looking to find some sweet deals or just want to have a good time, the Richmond Night Market is the place for you!

With over 400 booths to choose from, chances are you won’t leave empty-handed. They mostly sell  Asian cuisine but if youre looking for a new hat, clock, T-shirt, cell-phone, video game, CD, toys, or even underwear you can find it at the Night Markets as well. And it’s cheap too!

The Richmond Night Market also has a special section selling food.  Every were you walk you can smell the aroma of Chinese cooking.

If reading all that doesn’t convince you to go, read the Top 5 reasons to visit the Summer Night Market in Richmond.

The Richmond Night Market is awesome, not just for finding deals but for the experience itself.  So join other INTERNeX candidates on Sunday August 15 for an evening of fun at the Night Market. For more information on how to get there click here. We will meet in front of the entrance at 7.00 pm.

Want to join us? Send an email to or leave a message on our Facebook page. It is a very busy market, so be sure to sign up so we can go as a group!

Hope you will join us for a nice evening at the market!

– Manouk

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