Paris’ art is in Vancouver !!!

As you may know, the famous art gallery of Vancouver opened an exhibition from Paris two months ago and it will remain open until the 6th of September. My favorite French museum, the museum of Orsay, brings 100 works from the most famous French painters of the 19th century. Renoir! Pissaro! Rodin! Toulouse-Lautrec! And many others…

You might think that I want to see this exhibition because I’m French and from Paris, or because I know the grand-child of the painter Seurat… While this may be true, this exhibition is a must see for everyone. These paintings are coming from a museum as good and as famous as the Louvres which has more French masterpieces than any other museum in the world!

It would be a shame to miss this, wouldn`t it? Especially when it’s so easy to have fun and get some culture at the same time! Moreover, many of the drawings you will find there never went out of Paris.

The topic of this exhibition is The Modern Woman. Don’t be scared men, it’s just the look of many painters at a time when women just started to be independent and offer artists a new perspective!

It’s a daily exhibition that is open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. so you can go there whenever you want!

Looking for tickets? Admission is $22.50 for adults, $16 for students!

Details: 604-662-4719 and

I will be there on Sunday afternoon and hope to meet you in one of the rooms enjoying a piece of European History!


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