Rockies afterparty-Oh Ya!

A bunch of INTERNeX candidates toke and adventure in to the wild last week!
Luckily we all made it back alive – that needs to be celebrated! There is a saying “what happens in The Rockies stays in The Rockies” that is not true in this case! Prepare to laugh your … of, while being amazed by the gorgeous scenery we where surrounded in.

We’re having an Rockies Afterparty Friday August 13th 19.30pm at INTERNeX office, where all the embarrassing, funny and beautiful moments we caught on camera during the trip will be shown on a big screen. There will be beer and pizza for everybody and all the people who went on the trip will get a free DVD with the sideshow on it, but the party is open for EVERYBODY to join and have a rocking time! After some laughs and beers we’re heading out on the town to party ALL NIGHT! So sign up at pr@internexcanada and end your week of with a great party!

price is $15 pr.person for pizza and beer. We need you to sign up on the email so we know how much food and drinks we have to get. Last day to sign up is Friday August 13th at 4pm.

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