Free Outdoors Movies in Vancouver !

You probably already saw one of these movies but when it’s good you have no other choice than to enjoy it once more, simply sit on the floor with your friends.

That’s a refreshing experience in many ways so don’t forgot worm clothes and let’s enjoy one of these unforgettable movies: Back to the future the 15th or the Wall-E 16th.

Cinema Under the Stars is a FREE event where families, friends, and children of all ages are invited to watch movies under the stars on FreshAirCinema’s giant inflatable screen. The three movies will be projected in different places of Vancouver Downtown. The next one, E.T, will take place in the Harbour Green Park at 8:30 pm.

And for the more motivated, if you have nothing planed tonight; you can watch the NeverEnding Story at the McSparren Park at 9:00 pm.

You will find all the upcoming outdoors movies in BC on the following facebook link:

Personally, I’m a movies addict! So, if you want to watch one of these movies, just contact me  and I will be really happy to share a nice evening with you INTERNeX people! What’s better than a nice movie with some friends and, what not, a pizza?!

Contact us on

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