The Cambie Hostel and Bar! Events and Cheap dips and beer!

THe Cambie Hostel and Bar is an adress you absolutly have to remember !

They have 3 locations, each in a heritage building loaded with character. There are 2 downtown Vancouver (Gastown and Seymour) and one in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. And I will definitely advice you to go there if you want to visit Vancouver or Vancouver Island.

High value at a low cost is important to most travellers and that is exactly what Cambie Hostels provides. They throw in all the extras like free continental breakfast, free luggage storage, free bed linens and free wireless internet.”

And when you’re in the mood for a cold beer or some good food, just go to one of theise award winning pubs. Come see why they received top votes from their guests for location and fun. Moreover, I heard that our famous PuB NiGHT used to take place in this bar and that’s why I decided to test and taste this place!

After work on Friday, I was quit tired and needed to have a break and let the stress of the week go down. I decided to have a beer with some friends in a place close to the INTERNeX office directly after work. We met at the Cambie Hostel around 6:00 pm and took 2 pitchers for six and a huge plate of Mexican dips to share! That was really cheap and good! We had such a nice time that we decided to take a few more beers and at the end we had dinner there!

It’s not the best pub ever it’s just a great place to share, drink and dine for a good price and enjoy the load rock music and the crazy events.

By the way, this bar welcome funny events this week, the 1st annual Kokanee Silent Disco and the 6th Annual Kokanee Charity bike wash !

THE SILENT DISCO on Thusrday at 9:00 pm : “2 DJ’s, no speakers, Lots of headphones, you pick who rocks your party!! Glacier girls giving away awesome prizes all night long including a Kona mountain bike. By far the best party The Cambie’s ever seen, that’s pretty good seeing as it’s been around since 1897!!”

THE CHARITY BIKE WASH on sunday at 11 am : “Kokanee Glacier Girls washing your hogs in bikinis!! All proceeds are going to the Covenant House. Ladies will be scrubbin’ from 11am to 3pm.”

To get more information on the Cambie Hostel and Bar , click here.

And to located the place on Google Map, click here.


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