It’s gonna be Hot in Toronto !

This weekend and for three days as from Friday the 13th of August there will be a food festival for the heat-seekers! All foods hot, spicy, sultry and sweet are explored in this weekend-long food fest. If you like spicy food don’t miss it!

For my part, such a explosive festival would be killing me. Have you seen how everything is more spicy in Canada than in Europe? Seems like we are quit sensitive! Anyway, that’s unbelievable to observe how many food festivals you can find in Canada! There are food fest for every tastes and everywhere, especially in Toronto!

The Red Hot Market features a variety of hot sauces, dips and marinades from all over, along with food demos. There’s also a dessert competition where jalapenos and wasabi are involved. Are you scared? Moreover there will be Chefs Competition and Live Music and a lot of Attractions! That would be crazy to miss this opportunity to ofer the best to your stomach!

New to this year’s fest is the Longo’s Iron Chef competition with chef Kevin Zink from New Mexico, chef Joshna Maharaj and chef Jorika Mhende from Turks & Caicos. The fest explores diverse hot food experiences, with cuisine from around the world.

The Hot and Spicy Food Festival will be presented by the Harbourfront Center ( see the address below). So, if you are hopping to get new unforgettable experiences for your stomach, go have a look at this one in a kind festival.

Harbourfront Centre
235 Queen’s Quay West
Lower Simcoe Street & Queens Quay West
Map to this event

For more information you can go on the Harbourfront Center website by clicking here.

– Nathalie

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