Participate to an Artistic project in Calgary!

During seven days people of Calgary can enjoy one of the amazing pieces of Art of  the celebration of the Bow river 2010.

On Saturday Aug. 21 at 9:00 p.m. 500 spheres will be released into the river at Edworthy Park and will float down river to Prince’s Island. The Bow River will become a living art installation  on the precious waterway that runs through the heart of our city.

The spheres represent the Bow River’s four water sources: rainwater, groundwater, glacier and snowmelt. They will be placed by the small islands to emphasize that these islands are formed by the flow of the river.

Calgary’s past and future is tied directly to the health of the Bow and Elbow Rivers and the surrounding streams and creeks that feed them. Celebration of the Bow River 2010 includes six public art events and installations, each featuring a different artist who highlights our connection to the river and creates opportunities for citizens to further appreciate and protect this resource.

For more details on these events, visit Event Information.

Volunteers are needed to help with River of Light on August 21, 2010. There is a need for people with kayaking experience and comfort in a water environment, as well as “land-based” volunteers. So, if you feel like helping the artist and live a unique experience, don’t hesitate!

View the Call for Volunteers PDF File (135 KB) for more information. Deadline to respond is August 16 and there is a mandatory volunteer orientation on August 19.


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