Who is the Worst Tourist Ever?!

Do you know Expedia the online travel agency? They asked for a survey on tourism all around the world. In this survey, tourists from all over the world are compared. And guess what? French are the worst tourists ever (shame on us) and Japanese tourists deserved a special award for there politeness, discretion and respect for the other cultures!

It’s unexpected but you will have to change your mind on Americans because they are on the second step of the podium! They learn the language of the country, try new cuisines and are really generous with the local population!

The Best Tourists:

Row Tourists Points
1 Japanese 33
2 American 11
3 Swiss 9
4 Swedish 6
5 German 5
6 Dutch 5
7 Australian 4
8 Norwegian 4
9 Canadian 4
10 Belgian 4
11 Danish 2
12 Austrians 2
13 Finnish 2
14 inhabitants of Thailand 1
15 New Zealander 2

Concerning what they spend, Germans and French are the worst and deserve the price of”skinflints of the year”. Americans are spending a lot of money when they travel and that’s the reason why they are so well welcome. Followed by the Russians, English, Japanese and Italians. This may be explained by the fact that Germans and French have more holidays and can’t spend as much money as the others!

The Worst Tourists:

Row Tourists Points
16 Irish 0
17 Czech -1
18 Portuguese -1
19 Italians -2
20 Greek -2
21 Spanish -3
22 Polish -3
23 Turkish -5
24 British -7
25 Russian -8
26 Chinese -9
27 Indian -9
28 French -14

Awards for France!!! Yoo-hoo!!!! We are the worst tourist in the world at the general opinion! According to the survey, there is only one thing we are good at, the way we are dressed and to be fashionable, but even for that, we are not the best, Italians are on the top of the classification!

INTERNeX, what do you think? A big number of you is working with the Hospitality program and you are all international travelers! Don’t hesitate to comment on this post. I would be really interested to know your point of view and to discuss it! I want to have a chance to defend the French ;).


One thought on “Who is the Worst Tourist Ever?!

  1. I would agree with everything you said regarding best tourists, but I think another reason for Americans to be way up there is the “tipping culture”: Most of the world (incl. Switzerland) does not know the concept of tipping a waiter, concierge, etc.

    However, Americans are very used to this and will therefore tip wherever they go. Thus, they are perceived as “good tourists” 😉

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