Ever been to Wreck Beach?

It not for the faint hearted! For the ones who don’t know, it the most beautiful beach in Vancouver, but it’s not known because of its beauty, it’s known for being the only nudist beach in Vancouver!

I had my first nudist beach experience there this weekend.  OMG!!!!!! I can’t decide if it was funny or just shocking, but it’s something you should try at least once in your life!

I read a list of things that you are used to do if your from Vancouver, and eating a bun from the naked man going around Wreck Beach selling them, is something every real Vancouverian have done!! Think it’s weird? Well it is a Canadian thing let’s just leave it with that!

Wreck Beach is a really nice and beautiful beach! It feels like you’re in a different time and space being there. You only see the sea and the forest everywhere you look. Oh, and by the way, prepare your legs and don’t bring a lot of stuff, you have to walk down 400 steps to get to the beach! Weather you want to be all natural when you get there is up to you;)

Wreck Beach is situated in UBC, Vancouver.


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