PuBNiGHT August 18

Thanks everyone for making last night’s PuBNiGHT unforgettable! Last night was one of the busiest PuBNiGHT INTERNeX has ever hosted, 19 people showed up for PuBNiGHT making it the  one of the biggest INTERNeX PuBNiGHT ever! Lets see if we can break the record next week!

Yesterday we held a battle of the sexes game in order to determine who would win the Baseball Tickets.  The guys had to answer question girls would know the answer to and vice versa. In the end it was Anna and Nicolas who won the tickets and will be joining the other winners for the Baseball game on Monday August 30.\

To see more pictures of the PuBNiGHT, click here

We still have 2 Baseball tickets to give out, so be sure to come to the PuBNiGHT next week. You will find us at the Blarney Stone next wednesday at 8.30 pm! See ya there

– Manouk

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