Get an adrenaline rush…in more than one way!

Did you ever play the computer game DOOM?! Here’s your chance to play it in real life…we’re going Lasertaggin – so sign up and come along and shoot all your friends!! For the girls; just to be clear – laser tag is like paintball, but you shoot with lasers instead of bullets…so you’ll have no nasty bruises after being shot;) This game is about staying alive  , and shooting what ever moves around you! You’ll get your adrenalin pumping before you know it, creeping around corners dodging lasers from the enemies..but the fun doesn’t stop there!!

We are going to give you a whole day of adrenaline and LAUGHS! Anybody ever been caught standing in front of the mirror  pretending to be a popstar? Come on guys – I know, you all wanted to be Nick Carter at one point!!  After getting rid of all your frustrations on the battlefield, we are getting some fuel for our bodies downtown, and after that we are heading on to KARAOKE – Oh Yah!! We have a private room booked at Fantacity, for a hilarious 2 hours of singing Karaoke and getting some beers! I promise you – this is something not to be missed!!

This day full of fun and adrenaline with your favorite INTERNeX girls is happening on September 6th..It’s a Monday, but don’t worry your all of work that day – it’s a long weekend:) (Monday is Canadian Labor Day!)

So sign up, the whole thing: Laser tag and Karaoke is only $40 (drinks and food are not included)!

Last day to sign up is 3rd of September!!! Sign up on Facebook or at

– Mette

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