BC Lions vs. Calgary Stampeder’s Game

Last Friday 11 INTERNeX candidates met up and saw the Calgary Stampeders defeat the BC Lions with a final score of 48-35!

Despite the fact that ‘ our team’ lost we had a great time! We stayed until the bitter end even when it became clear that we were gonna lose we remained seated and watched the game to the end.  And it was worth it,in the last seconds the BC Lions scored a touchdown and gaining some extra points and was huged by the fans.

To encourage the BC fans to make some noise for the team and hopefully encourage the team members, Crazy PP 44, a guy with a lions shirt on,  was walking around with his drum set. Every time he banged the drums we had to make as much noise as we could and shout after him. We were unfortunately  unable to make enough noise to motivate the players to win, but we had fun nonetheless.  There was also a giant wave going on at the stadium. It lasted for 5 min. and we did several rounds the stadium. There was one corner of the stadium that didn’t participate in the wave and every time the wave hit that part of the stadium everyone jelled BOO! It was pretty funny! To see some pictures of the match, click here

For all the sports fans I highly recommend going to a Football match while you are here. Canadian Football is different than American Football, so you even if you have ever seen a American Football match go see the BC Lions and you can spot the differences!

– Manouk

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To sign up for these events, simply email us at pr@internexcanada.com

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