Street Festival in Downtown Vancouver!

On September the 11th, The Davie Street can be seen from a whole new perspective thanks to the Davie Street Festival.  Come and Experience Vancouver’s West End in a carnival  from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm!

There will be live music all day long on the main stage, the restaurants and fast-foods will have food stalls on the street, there will be a small market and local artists will offer you the best of their works!

The Festival is divided in eight zones :

Community This Zone gives community information about local issues. This is specially for the residents in the West End and Vancouver.

KidZone This zone is mainly reserved for kids an includes  a bouncy castle and other funny  attractions.   It will be fun for adults as well don’t worry!

Arts & Culture
The Arts & Culture Zone  offer you an outdoor gallery with the good vibes of Jazz music. Dance groups and performers will  be there just for you! Enjoy all Vancouver’s cultural diversity and creativity!

Heritage This Zone promises to be a lot of fun! The idea is to show to the public how Vancouver and the West End was 100 years ago through costumes, antique vehicles  and even food!

This is the area for the shopaholics! Exhibitors will feature everything from fashion, jewellery and beauty products to health screenings, fitness, food and beverage samplings, and home wares.

No need to explain wath is this area for : DOGS! The Doggy zone offers its owner the positive aspect of dog owners responsibilities, healthy advices for your pet and offers different products and services including live demonstrations.

Sustainability This is the area to think green! This zone has the main purpose to develop awareness by going around the main environmental issues we are dealing with! Get inspired to make simple changes in your everyday live to better the environment.

Relax This is the perfect area to stop and have a break! Read a book from the book rack for example!

After a full day of Fun, Music, Arts and Sun, don’t forget to join the INTERNeX Dress-up Party! The festival ends at 8:00 pm and we will start the Dress- up Party festivities at 9:00 pm, so you will have all the time to jump in you costumes and join us at the Staffhouse for a crazy night! I remind you that you have to dress up as a famous Canadian for a night!

That will, for sure, be a really good day!

For more information about the festival go on the official website : !

– Nathalie

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