Treat your taste-buds with a cultural burst!

One more time and for you and your mouths pleasure we are having a PoTLuCK at the  Staffhouse on September the 19th.

– What is a PoTLuCK?,

– It’s a multicultural INTERNeX event! Everybody bring a dish, preferably from your own country and we make an international buffet!

I really love this event and my stomach too! When you ask people to bring a unique meal, they often try to bring something special and you’ll try meals you would never find at the restaurant. What an amazing opportunity for you and all our candidates! I can’t wait to discover all the delicious, crazy, surprising,  tasty dishes you will cook!

Everything always taste better when it’s home made and especially when  it’s cooked with love, and you have the pride to share something from your own country!

For my part, I will not bring frog legs and snails, sorry to disappoint you! I am still hesitating between, crepes, ratatouille and riz-au-lait (a dessert with rice and milk)!

We will grab our forks at 6:30 pm and to avoid doubles, let us know what you are cooking at or during our events.

– Nathalie

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