Spend an Amazing Sleepless night in Toronto!

Hey people in Toronto! Good news, you will not have to wake up early the Sunday 3 of October because many artists will keep you awake until the sunrise on Saturday night for a real Nuit Blanche!

This sleepless night is organized by Scotiabank all over the city. Artists will make their own law with over than 130 projects in three zones (see the map below). If you don’t know what to see and how organize your cultural and surprising night,go on the My Night page of the event to find a itinerary planner with all the information you need!

From museums and art galleries to facades of buildings, the ART will take place everywhere and that would be foolish not to take part to this free and incredible event!

I am pretty proud to say that this international event come from Paris in France and have been developing since in 2002. This is a free event which aim at bringing contemporary art to the whole population in public spaces. This Sleepless Night brings more than a million persons every year in Paris and the event is being expended to many cities such as Toronto! Today, Brussels, Rome, Bucharest, Riga, Madrid, La Valette, Portugal, Tokyo, Montreal and Leeds got its own version of the all-night art extravaganza!

Have fun people of Toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Nathalie

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