A tasty PoT LuCK!

Thanks guys for this tasty, nice, multicultural, surprising and really good PoT  LuCK! I can say that we all had our little “baby food” after that. Isn’t it Mette?

Yesterday, our dinner menu consists of a wide variety of international cuisine:  Swedish, Thai, French, Danish and Japanese dishes, and I must admit,  it was awesome! From the most basic cultural meals like coconut Swedish balls (famous during Christmas) and French Cheese, to exotic meals like Japanese pancakes – my stomach definitely had an exciting moment!

Seems like everybody had a really good time even if I almost killed Adam, our Swedish candidate, with my French eggplants caviar ;). For the ones who missed it, just know that it’s a recurrent event so you can join next time and enjoy meals from all over the world made by your friends  with love!

And I am leaving on Sunday, so this PuB NiGHT will be my last PuB NiGHT and my last event! It is therefore an extremely special PuB NiGHT coming up! For the official end of summer, we will organize funny games with gifts and travels to win thanks to West Treck!

Don’t miss it!

To see all the photos on Flikr, click here!

– Nathalie

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