PuB PuB PuB NiGHT!!!!

THAT was a PuB NiGHT! Beer, Games, Friends, Fun , laughter and you! It was the last for the summer season, but not the last for the year – there are good things to come in Winter! Thank you all who came to say goodbye and to the new once who just arrived in Vancouver that now know that INTERNeX PuB NiGHT rock!

This crazy night finished with some driving around the city in shopping carts and unfortunately for one a visit to the dentist;). Ruud won the ticket for Whistler offered by West Trek after a long battle with our lovely German candidates Melanie and Mona and finally won a face to face with Nicolas the French competitor. You should come next time and try to get into the Beer Pond fight for a free trip with the awesome guides of West Trek!

Yesterday was full of colors with crazy people like the old man having dance moves the candidates couldn’t keep up with! There were a lot of funny couples on the dance floor, and your roar of laughter could be heard all over the Blarney:)

Oh! And by the way, welcome to our new PR intern Tracy. She was definitely a great little firecracker last night, and had a lot of fun with you guys!

To see all the photos of the PuB NiGHT, go on Flickr or on facebook to have a look at your crazy faces.

I will truly miss you,

– Nathalie

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