A Newbie’s Bird’s Eye-View into INTERNeX



As you all know, I am the new intern joining INTERNeX.  For all of you who don’t know me, I’m Tracy, and I am born and raised in Vancouver.  Proud to say that I AM CANADIAN! 

Ever since my first day at INTERNeX, I have been greeted and welcomed with friendly and helpful co-workers.  Being a witness and recipient of such warmth and knowledge, I could only imagine how it must feel like for the candidates stepping into our office.

Working here has peaked my curiosity and I feel compelled to delve into what INTERNeX is all about.

I will take you all along this investigative journey so you too can benefit from my role as an investigative journalist during my interviews with the people behind INTERNeX!

But before I embark on the interviews, I would first like to give you an overview of what INTERNeX is.

INTERNeX International Exchange is one of Canada’s leading organization providing individuals with the opportunity to experience Canada to its fullest, as our motto states: work, live, learn.  This is our guiding principle because INTERNeX believes in the balance of work and play, as both aspects compliment each other to produce a fully enriched lifestyle.  

INTERNeX offers a wide selection of programs: internship, hospitality, ranchstay, work and travel, and volunteer.  In addition to these programs, we also provide adrenaline-packed experiences for those that want to fully take advantage of the outdoors—from bungee jumping, to sky-diving, to white water rafting—and for those who prefer a more leisurely pace, we offer tours to Whistler and Banff.

Stay tuned for weekly interviews of the people behind INTERNeX!

Click on the link for more information on INTERNeX:


Also, INTERNeX provides its programs and services internationally: 

Asia, Australia or New Zealand, Europe and South America!

We provide Canadians or people residing in Canada opportunities to travel aboard to our expanding network of countries.  You will receive the same services and friendly faces as you do in the Canada location.

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