So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!!

To be honest I don’t want to write this particular blog post..because it means my time at INTERNeX has come to an end! I’ve been an intern at the office in Vancouver for 3 wonderful months. It has been a very meaningful and great learning experience for me, and now I have a mixed feeling; sad to leave all the great people I’ve come to know as well as this amazing country, but happy and excited to see what the future holds for me after getting the best tools possible to concur Denmark once I’m back home again!

What I’ve loved about my internship at INTERNeX was the diversity of my job. The days have never been the same, and I’ve been lucky to meet and get friends from all over the world – I’ll have to take a trip around the world to visit you all…as soon as I win the lotto!!! From day one I’ve been treated as an employee just as valuable as the rest of the team, which has pushed me to take initiative and be responsible. The Canadian work culture and structure is different from the danish one, I’ve found a more flexible and laid-back approach to things here; freedom under responsibility. Personally I feel that makes people grow and work more efficient, I’m glad that I now have the combination of this and the danish business culture (which is a bit more time is money and has more hierarchy), because it will make me able to differentiate myself in my work – a great thing when you’re looking for a job no matter what field you’re field by the way is Service Economy with a major in Tourism:)

I could go on for a loooooong time about all my great experiences at INTERNeX and in Canada, but I think that I will illustrate it for you instead of writing about it:)

The rockies

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