Closing Interview with Mette



Mette at our INTERNeX Office


It is now time for an update on one of our INTERNeX members.  As we say goodbye to one of our interns, Mette, I sat her down to a closing interview so she can impart some of what she’s learned along the way with our fellow INTERNeX community. 

Here is the interview in a Q&A format:

1) Today is your last day at INTERNeX, how are you feeling today?

Feels happy and sad at the same time.  Happy about the good experience.

2) What was your first impression of INTERNeX when you first stepped into the office?

It felt like a laid back and welcoming place.

3) In your opinion, what differentiates INTERNeX from all the other companies offering individual services, such as internship placement?

There is no other company doing the same thing as we do.  We have knowledge and compassion for each candidate.

4) What is your position at INTERNeX?

Public Relations and Hospitality Intern

5) What have you learned in this position and what skills will you take with you in your future jobs?

I have learned to manage a lot of different things at the same time and to be creative.  I have become able in taking on new challenges without problems, and have gained a lot of confidence from my experience that I can use in my future career.

6) What wisdom would you impart on future interns of INTERNeX?

Take initiative and be positive.  Have fun, enjoy every minute and see the opportunities for learning in each day.

7) What do you wish you had learned during your position?

I’ve learned more than I’ve wished for.

8) Are there any last comments you would like to leave for people?

Just to work, live, and learn…and make sure to laugh and have fun the whole way. 😉

And that’s all folks! As you can see Mette had a very fulfilling experience at INTERNeX! If you too would like to embark on an amazing and enriching journey, come to INTERNeX and check us out.  Our door is always open.




INTERNeX International Exchange

Suite 200-211 Columbia Street

Vancouver BC – V6A 2R5-


Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149



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