Ice Magic Festival at Lake Louis

Are you curious what kind of magical sculptures you can create out of an ordinary ice block?
In that case it is worth attending the International Ice Carving Competition, which will be held from January 21 to 23 at Lake Louis.

From the 21 of January 12 teams of two carvers have got 34 hours to transform 15 ice blocks into seven-food tall sculptures. The carving does not only require hard physical labor, also the mixture of creativity and find sanding plays an important part when it comes to the final design of the sculpture.

In addition to the main competition several other, smaller events are staged on this weekend. Dan Rebholz, an internationally renowned ice carver will give demonstrations how to actually ice carve.
The One Carver, One Hour, One Block individual speed carving contest is also worth taking a lot at.

You should definitely stay for the Saturday’s Awards Ceremony (23 January) where all ice sculptures will be presented. Visitors will also get the possibility to vote for the People’s Choice Award.

I personally want to check out the event. Therefore we might see us at Sundays Award Ceremony!!

The schedule of all different events for that weekend is announced on the official homepage



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