48 thing to do in the snow!

It’s snowing (again!). To be honest, I’m already done with it. I found something for the people who still love the snow, a list with 48 things to do in the snow! Some of them are fun, some of them are not really serious (I hope haha). Have fun!

1. Snow sculpting
2. Ice sculpting
3. Making snow angles
4. Make snow people
5. Skiing
6. Cross-country skiing
7. Sledding 8. Make a fort
9. Have a snow ball fight
10. Make a big snowball
11. Snow skating
12. Snowboarding
13. Write in the snow with your finger
14. Shovel snow
15. Snowmobile
16.  Take pictures of the snow
17. Roll in the snow in your bathing suite and jump in a hot tub
18. Catch snow-flakes on your tongue
19. Learn to figure skate
20. Bobsledding
21.  Ice hockey
22. Go dog sledding
23. Go luging
24. Hunt coyotes
25. Go tobogganing
26. Blow snow away with a snow-blower
27. If in Hawaii, use a boogie-board instead of a sled to go down snow covered hills
28. Make snow cream
29. Make snow nog
30. Eat icicles
31. Balance an icicle on your nose (this is possible)
32. Plow snow
33. Take a walk in the snow
34. Shake snow off the trees
35. Eat snow (but not the yellow snow)
36. Make snow cones
37. Take pictures of snow leopards
38. Identify different types of snowflakes
39. Mix snow and ice cream to make a tasty treat
40. Make snow candy
41. Write in snow with an icicle
42. Write in snow with a stick
43. Make snow soup
44. Take pictures of coyotes
45. Learn to speed skate
46. Snow-tubing 😀
47. Dig a hole in the snow
48. Skeleton

Source: Snowstuff.com


And remember.. Quiz/PuB NiGHT tonight at The Calling (1780, Davie Street).
We will be there at 6 pm, the Quiz starts at 7 pm sharp, so be on time 😉



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