Ready, Set…GO!

What a weekend!

Ten young people, having a thirst for adventure met at 9 a.m. in front of the Waterfront Station in Vancouver, all ready for SNOWTUBING!

It took the old blue shuttle bus about half an hour to get to the top of Mount Seymour where everything was covered with a beautiful white layer of snow. Perfect conditions for snowtubing!

First, we checked out the facilities and got the sobering news that the lift was not working so we would have to walk up the hill after every ride…
Nobody of us was pleased about that but due to the fact that we got a 50% discount for the inconvenience…We went for it! We purchased the tickets, grabbed some tubes and could not hide our enthusiasm! Most of us started with the “slowest” lane to get an idea of what we could expect from the “Kamikaze” track…

I can only speak for myself, but when you let yourself fall on this huge tube with your stomach, sliding down the hill, constantly picking up the speed and feeling the wind rushing through your hair…it is just awesome!

Some didn’t go for a ride that often whereas others were going round by round, climbing up the hill like mountain goats! Even the guys were giving up after some time but Agnes, our candidate from Switzerland impressed us all because she carried the tube on her shoulder when walking back up and even went for two rounds while the others were still busy with making their way up the hill after only one lap…

In between we took a break and went to a small cafeteria nearby for getting warmed up. Hot chocolate, soup and tea were really helpful with that!

Temporarily, the weather conditions aggravated. Heavy fog made it impossible to see the end of the slope and nobody could estimate whether the way was clear. But! Since young people like taking risks…We showed no fear and kept dashing downhill! 🙂
Luckily, there were no accidents and the whole group got back to downtown sound and safe at around 6 p.m. It was a long day…with no end in sight!

On the bus, I met a German guy who invited the whole group to a huge house party. We did some pre-drinking at my place before crashing the party which was only two blocks down the street and indeed VERY HUGE! Everybody was having a great time and met a whole lot of new people. Unfortunately, police ended the party but we were tired and exhausted anyway…

George and Ziska really enjoyed this trip with you guys and we really hope to see you back at the next big event! Stay tuned!

Find more picture on flickr!

For those who joined this great event, feel free to send me your best picture of that day and maybe it will become the “picture of the week”!


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