Two winners sharing their story!

A few PuB NiGHTS ago two of our candidates (Florian and Jun Kim) won a ticket to the Canucks vs. Sharks game in the Rogers Arena! They had an amazing time that night and want to share this with us:

‘INTERNeX raffled two tickets for a NHL Game, the local Vancouver Canucks vs. the San Jose Sharks from the sun state of California, and Jun and I were the lucky ones to get picked for the tickets. The game was set to be Thursday evening, 7pm so we met there a bit early to look around. We met a girl from INTERNEX there, Patrizia from Switzerland, doing her job for the Hall of Fame at Rogers Arena. Short before the game started we went to our seats, perfectly located to have a good view of the game!

The game started! The Canucks played very well in the first part, scoring the first goal after 11 minutes. It seemed easy for the Canucks. But in the second part of the game, things changed. San Jose got stronger, and Roberto Luongo, the goalkeeper of the Canucks, got more and more active on his side of the ice. And every safe Luongo made, the audience would make a loud “Luuuuu” noise to appreciate their goalkeeper. But eventually San Jose Sharks scored which made the score 1-1.
In the 3rd even a fist fight occurred between the two teams, could this get any better? The game went on to overtime and finally the shootout. Unfortunately Canucks lost the game in a shootout, but they picked up a point anyway for getting into overtime!

It was a very intense experience, seeing these guys ice skating at an incredible speed, crashing themselves into each other and the audience that supported the Canucks with an ongoing “Go Canucks Go!” chant, which some of you might know from the busses that ride around town. Jun and I had a great time being there, enjoyed the game, drank a beer that was way too expensive, bought some merchandise and experienced the atmosphere of the Rogers Arena. Thanks INTERNeX for that unique chance!’’

We are very happy to hear you had such a great time!  I hope to see everyone tomorrow for the PuB NiGHT at Caprice!!


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