Illuminate Yaletown!

What a weekend!

Superbowl AND the New Year’s Parade in Chinatown on one day! And there is no time to rest!

PuB Night at The Calling on Wednesday and the celebration of the first anniversary of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games which took place in 2010 are coming up this weekend! But this is not what this blog should be about…

With this blog, I would like to get you into the mood to celebrate the anniversary in an appropriate way.

There are a lot of amazing free art shows happening in February, one of them the free winter party called Illuminate Yaletown, featuring contemporary light art installations. Local restaurants and businesses all along Hamilton and Mainland Street present unique art installations, creating a combination of light, sculptures and animations to creatively dealing with themes ranging from Yaletown’s industrial history to environmental issues

As Illuminate Yaletown takes place on February 11-12, (6p.m. – 10.30 p.m.) you can perfectly combine it with a downtown visit to all the events taking place around the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games Anniversary on February 12. Not to forget that Hamilton and Mainland Street is the centre of Yaletown’s nightlife area, what downright invites you to take a rest and have a drink in this beautiful district!

Check out the map of the location!

Hope to see you all at this week’s PuB Night! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Illuminate Yaletown!

  1. Who’s in to go on Friday? (Because Saturday there is Lucky Karaoke at the Staffhouse) Maybe we can go with a big INTERNeX group? 😀

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