Vancouver’s must see attractions – Part I

Hey INTERNeX Folks.

I hope everybody is doing great.

The weather in Vancouver is already a tiny bit better in comparison to the last two months, so spring is coming soon. I already saw some flowers growing out of the ground. That’s a good sign that spring is almost there… 🙂
Because of that reason, people should get out of their houses to enjoy the better weather and the first warm sun rays which could even give you a light tan if you are out long enough. So prepare yourself for summer… 🙂
Due to this change from Winter to Spring I want to encourage you to go out and experience one of the 12 must see attractions in Vancouver.
Therefore I will present you with one Vancouver must see attraction every day within the next 12 days:

Today’s first Vancouver attraction is Grouse Mountain:

Grouse Mountain is located only 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver and truly is the marriage of wildlife and civilization. In case you take the courage and go up there what I definitely would suggest, you have to experience “the eye” – the jaw dropping 360 degree view from the world’s first wind turbine with a viewing platform on the top, which is accessible by an elevator. So do not forget your camera!!!
If this is not enough and you are seeking for some adrenaline rush, you should enjoy the Zipline circuit which is set up high above the Grouse Mountain valley.
Plenty of other things can be done up there at Grouse Mountain. If you do not want to spend too much money on these activities just experience the beautiful nature by food and go for a nice hike.
If these activities will make you hungry you can lunch and din out at one of the stunning restaurant venues in the Peak Chalet and overlook the city ranging from a more casual Altitudes Bistro to a fine dining observatory.

How to get to Grouse Mountain:

Take the Water ferry from Waterfront station to North Vancouver.

From there you take bus 236 and you will be there in no time.

On Monday I will blog about the 2nd Vancouver must see attraction. Also we will tell you guys which cool and cheap bar we will meet at for next Wednesday’s INTERNeX PuB NiGHT.  Be ready for it, so do not forget to check the blog on Monday next week!



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