Vancouver’s Must See Attractions – part IV

Stanley Park Horse–Drawn Tours.

Have you ever been to Stanley Park and wanted to experience the park in a rather fast and comfortable way?

Stanley Park Horse – Drawn Tours are the excellent opportunity to do so.

During the tour you will sit in one of these old-fashioned horse–drawn vehicles and experiences the beauty of whole Stanley Park, the number 1 attraction in Vancouver!

Throughout this one hour tour you can relax to the gentle clip clops of the horse’s hooves and take in a fresh scent of cedar and the sea while a professional tour guide will tell you everything to know about the park and its surrounding.

Other spots which will be visited during the tour include Deadman’s Island, Vancouver’s harbor, Lions Gate Bridge, a coastal Red-Cedar forest and Ross Garden in Stanley Park.

The Park Horse-Drawn tours are fully wheel chair accessible and depart every 20-30 minutes daily at any weather conditions.

The first Park Horse-Drawn tour departures already on the 15th of March! So just one month to go!!!

The Tours start from the horse-drawn tour kiosk on Park drive, just off the Georgia street entrance of Stanley Park. Accessible by foot, car or via public transport!



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