Vancouver’s Must See Attractions – part VI

The day’s Vancouver Must See Attraction is pretty high in the city:

The Vancouver Lookout!

Enjoy the spectacular 360 degree view of  the most beautiful city in the world.
Go up in one of the two glass elevators and get ready for the lookout platform 130 meter high above the sea level.
The view is incredible!
On sunny days you can look far over the whole city of Vancouver.
Enjoy dining out at the restaurant one level above the lookout while watching the sunset behind the mountains in north Vancouver.
Come at night time and you will experience a total different city with all the city lights shining bright.

Talk to someone of the knowledgeable staff members which guide you through the history of Vancouver while also informing you about the local hot spots in the City.

Admission for adults is $15.

Students only pay $10.

I have been there during the day as well as at night time. The Vancouver Lookout is a unique opportunity to experience the city from a different perspective. So go and check it out!

I wish all of you guys a nice and sunny weekend!



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