Vancouver’s Must See Attractions – The grand final – Part XII

A daytrip into the nature!

Vancouver’s last  “Must See Spot” is an attraction for all outdoor fans which like to immerge in the nature around Vancouver and who want to experience the freedom Canada has to offer.

I am talking about the Hell’s Gate Airtram in the scenic Fraser Canyon.
The Fraser Canyon is located in the heart of British Columbia and is accessible through a scenic route through the B.C. Mountains and 7 huge mountain tunnels.
Already the drive to the Canyon itself is a great adventure. Several different landscapes and a vivid wildlife can be found and experienced on your way to Hell’s Gate Airtram.

The air tram itself goes up 160 meters in height. The distance the tram is traveling from the rim of the Canyon to the upper mountain amounts to 300 meters. Once you arrived at the top rim of the Canyon, at the observation deck, you will have an amazing view all over the Canyon and the masses of water that are floating down the Canyon!

Additional facilities and activities at the Hell’s Gate Air tram are Gold Panning, a suspension bridge, the Gold Panner Gift Shop and a nice little restaurant where you are able to eat some tasty food for a reasonable price!

It is advisable to schedule a whole day for the trip to Fraser Canyon.  Start your trip relaxed in having some stops on your way to Fraser Canyon to enjoy the beauty of BC’s nature.  The Airtram is located 2,5 hours in the east of Vancouver.


Take the #1 Highway and take the exit 170 at Hope!

Dates of Operation:

The Fraser Canyon is accessible all year long (depending on snow conditions)
Hell’s Gate Airtram is open daily from Mid – April to Mid – October.

More information can be found on the official website.





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