Join us for a real Canadian experience!

GO CANUCKS GO! There is a Canucks fever gripping the city, everyone is preparing for the playoffs. For people who don’t know who the Canucks are, it’s Vancouver’s icehockey team but here in Vancouver it’s almost a religion.

The playoffs are really important and exciting! The Chigaco Hawks beat the Vancouver Canucks already twice but this season the Canucks are better than ever. Will there be a chance that the Canucks win the championship this year?

To find out we need to see the games. It’s a real Canadian thing! The streets will be empty and the pubs crowed. You can’t miss this experience! We will go to the Malone’s, a real Canadian sports bar, on Friday the 15th of April to see the Hawks against the Canucks. The game starts at 7 pm, be on time to get a good seat. Malone’s has a pretty good and cheap food menu, so that you can enjoy the game with en burger and a beer ;).

See you Friday?


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