How Was Your Weekend?

Hi people, I hope your weekend was as good as mine, because I had a great weekend! On Friday we went with some INTERNeXers to Malone’s to watch the Canucks play against the Chicago Hawks. We were in the bar already 2 hours before the game to make sure we had a spot to sit, however when we walked into the bar it was already packed!! Luckily we still got a spot at the bar in front of the big screen, so we could watch the game. It was an exciting game and OF COURSE the Canucks won with 4-3!! After the game, some of us went to a club and others went to another pub to celebrate the victory!!

On Saturday Elvera, Roy and I went to the Holland Store in New West Minister. We have all been here for quite a while now and now we start to miss the real typical Dutch food! In this store you can buy almost everything they sell in a normal Dutch supermarket, so Elvera, Roy and I were like kids in a candy store. We bought frikandellen (meat), ranja (squash), speculaas (cookies), Dutch tea, paprika flavored chips and more. So, for everyone who is Dutch or just loves Dutch food, you should really go there!

My weekend ended with a relaxing Sunday. I was just enjoying the weather and chilling in a quiet staffhouse, which is not really common if you live with 18 people ;).

What did you do in  your weekend? Tell us by leaving a comment! 🙂


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