INTERNeX Exposé – Christian

Today’s exposé is from Christian, one of our INTERNeX Candidates! I was asking him some questions just to see how he is doing here in Vancouver. If you would like to know more about Christian you can read his expose below! 🙂

What is your name?
Christian Halm

Where are you from?
I am from Germany

Why are you in Canada?
Because I am doing my internship at a Chocolate company, for my school.

Why did you choose Canada?
I have heard about the beautiful landscape in Canada and about the friendly people here, so that made me come to Canada.

What do you like most about Vancouver?
I like that Vancouver is very multicultural; you meet people here from all over the world. So, it is definitely a international experience.

Where do you live in Vancouver?
Here in Vancouver I live in the INTERNeX Staff house with around 17 other students who are also INTERNeX candidates. We always have a lot of fun in the house. Including numerous of house parties and movie nights!

How did you find INTERNeX International Exchange?
I applied through a German agency to INTERNeX – it is partner agency from INTERNeX International Exchange. So that is how I ended up with INTERNeX.

How do you like your internship so far?
I have a lot of fun during my internship. My colleagues are really friendly to me and I can ask whenever I have a question. I feel very comfortable at my internship.

What kind of tasks are you responsible for on daily basis?
I am responsible for the maintenance tasks for all machines in production. That means I wrote all instructions for each machine in the production. After this I had to organize the dates for the maintenance. At the moment I am working at the critical parts list for the machines.

Is it related to the study you are doing back home?
Yes, I’m studying production and organization back home in Germany and the tasks which I am responsible for here are perfect to gain more international experience!

Where have you been in and around Vancouver?
I did an amazing 3 day trip to whistler with INTERNeX, I went to Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, I watched the Whitecaps game (soccer) and I visited of course a lot of parks here for example Stanley Park.

Are you still planning trips to go to?
Yes, next weekend we’re going to make a boat trip and at the end of May I am joining INTERNeX to the Rockies with a lot of other candidates, it will be crazy!

What is the most memorable thing you did in Canada?
So far, it was definitely the INTERNeX trip to Whistler. It was an unforgettable trip!!

How long will you stay in Canada?
I will stay here in Canada for 7 months. I arrived on the 28th of January in Vancouver, so I have only 4 months left here!

What is the first thing you will do when you return back home?
I miss my friends, so I will go out with all my friends of course!

Thank you very much, Chris! 🙂

Would you like to be the exposé of the week? Just send an email to!

INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

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