How was your weekend?

Hi guys, hopefully everyone had a great weekend! I am sure that the real Canucks fans had an awesome weekend, because they won again! Last Saturday the Vancouver Canucks played against the Boston Bruins. It was a pretty exciting game which also went into overtime; however only 11 seconds in overtime Alex Burrows tucked the puck in the goal which made the Canucks the winner of the game with 3-2! I was watching the game downtown in a Chinese restaurant, because all the bars and pubs were packed with people. Even on Granville Street you couldn’t even move, because it was so crowded! After the Vancouver Canucks scored the winning goal I immediately went to Granville Street where people were getting crazy! Everyone was high-fiving each other and groups of people were yelling: ‘Go Canucks Go’ and ‘We want the cup’!! Can you imagine what it is like when Vancouver would really win the Stanley Cup?

On Saturday we finally had our first real summer day! The weather was so good that I even got a sun burn. I think the summer really started now in Vancouver; we had to wait for a while, but hopefully it will stay like this from now on. I hope everyone enjoyed the sunny weekend, I certainly did! Where did you watch the Canucks game? Or did you do something else in the weekend? Let us know by leaving a comment! 😀


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2 thoughts on “How was your weekend?

  1. I watched the game at home and you are right it was an amazing game. They just came back on the ice and scored the final goal in over time. Sunday was great weather so Stanley Park was a must.

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