Goodbye my friends! My internships ends..

Hi everyone! Today is my last day at INTERNeX, I’m finishing my internship today. I still remember my first day, November 15, 2010. I got a warm welcome from the great INTERNeX team. As a Public Relations intern I was ready for my adventure and hoping to learn as much as possible. First of all, I started the PuB NiGHTs with around 5 people and little by little it got more busy and sometimes we were with around 40 people. Thank you all great candidates for making the PuB NiGHTs such a success!

I love organzing trips & events and to meet a lot of new people from different cultures, one of the reasons why I love the internship at INTERNeX. The St. patrick’s Day Club Crawl, Trivia nights, Club nights and the Lucky Karaoke Party are things I definitely need to mention, it was all amazing!

One of the highlights was definitely the trip to Whistler and the trip to the Rocky Mountains! It’s funny that everybody is still talking about what a blast we had. For people who just arrived, believe me the new interns will for sure organize great trips and events for you as well.

Beside the fact that I had to deal with all the INTERNeX candidates, I also had to deal with clients and partners. Organizing the INTERNeX Networking Reception in occasion of the NAFSA Conference was like a dream come true and I definitely learned a lot from it. Thanks to INTERNeX for giving me this chance and thanks to the lovely other interns for making this a success together.

INTERNeX is a perfect place to learn a lot in a great work atmosphere! I will miss it! For me it’s time to go now, I will still be in Canada for three weeks. Seattle, Tofino and The Rocky Mountains (again) are waiting for me :D.

Thanks everyone for making my time in Vancouver and at INTERNeX unforgettable!



3 thoughts on “Goodbye my friends! My internships ends..

  1. Elvera, thank you so much for being part of the team! Working with you was great! Wish you all the best and a great roadtrip! 😉 See you soon!

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