Meet the new INTERNeX intern – Mads!

Hi guys,

My name is Mads, I am 24 years old and now an intern at Internex Canada. I was born and raised in Denmark and have since 2008 lived in the Netherlands where I study “Leisure Management”. A management study with focus on event management, marketing and business administration.

It is the first time I am visiting Canada, but I have always had a dream to go to this part of the world. Moreover, I believe that the Canadians are very easy going and fun to be around, so when I got the opportunity to do my internship abroad it was a very easy decision.
I have been in Vancouver since the end of February where I worked with the “In the House Festival”. That festival is now over, so I am ready for new challenges at the Internex office. My goal is to gain knowledge in the world of PR and marketing, as well as to meet new people and experience more of that gorgeous Canadian nature.

Rocky Mountains

I love action and adventure and to see new parts of the world. Before I decided to go to the Netherlands I worked as a tour leader for about 1,5 year – 4 months in Norway, 6 months in Croatia and 7 months Thailand.
I am also a passionate Dj and producer and have released music since 2007 under my artist name “Kiholm” (if you are into trance and house music you can see more at

I am very excited to meet all of you and to be a part of the famous “Internex family” 🙂


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