Emmily Noré – New intern at INTERNeX

Hi everyone!

My name is Emmily Noré and I’m a new intern at INTERNeX. I’m working for the City Placement Program, where I help candidates to find a paid position at one of the many restaurants or cafés in Vancouver. Candidates for the Internship Program or Ranchstay Program may also meet me at the INTERNeX office for an orientation or interview.

I’m originally from Belgium, but I’ve spent lot’s of time abroad. I backpacked through Guatemala, South-East Asia, USA,… and I studied in Cracow, Poland for a year. I have been to Canada several times and each time I love the country more and more, so I decided to do an internship here in Vancouver.

After one week in Vancouver and working at INTERNeX I can already say it’s been a great decision! INTERNeX is all about broaden your horizon. Wether you travel, study or work abroad, it’s a great way to explore the world and to learn about other cultures (and your own!).

We work hard, but there’s more than just work! Last weekend I joined some crazy INTERNeX interns for an incredible weekend  rafting in Chilliwack. Eating marshmallows, singing by the  campfire and encouraging each other to step into that boat, it’s a  great way to get to know each other! Here’s a picture of me and my roomy Hannah near the Chilliwack river. (I’m the girl on the left)


Still a bit tired and sore, but ready to start a new week! Maybe see  more of you on wednesday’s pub night?



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