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Good day INTERNex family,

Smart Saver Vancouver is here this week bringing you the latest ideas on doing Vancouver the Smart Saver way.  There’s no denying that your week can be filled with demanding but rewarding experiences.  As tiring as it may be, a fun filled weekend in British Columbia with your best travel buddies is well deserved.

If you’re the outdoors type of traveller who enjoys being surrounded by nature and beauty, embark on a day trip out to nearby Bowen Island.  Imagine a series of secluded private islands just 20 minutes off the coast of West Vancouver where one can enjoy kayaking and swimming in crystal clear waters, hiking and mountain biking through challenging or relaxing paths, shop for locally crafted artisan goods, and don’t forget about the fish and chips.  Bowen Island offers stunning natural scenery for photography enthusiasts and travellers alike and lives by the expression, “Within reach, beyond comparison.”

The island is easily accessible from Vancouver.  Take the 257 or 259 Bus from Georgia Street towards the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal(Approx. 30 minutes).  From there a $11 ferry ride will bring you through the majestic Howe Sound towards Bowen Island.  Enjoy at your own pace!


If you’re keen on staying in the city this week but are looking for a relaxing place to unwind and take a break from all your busy endeavours, head down to Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s Classical Chinese Garden on the edge of Chinatown and take a journey back in time to a place where worries easily slip away.  The public gates are located on Columbia and Keefer Street and admission to the public side of the garden is free.  The nearest Skytrain station,” Stadium/Chinatown” is only steps away.  Grab your favourite daytime beverage and stroll through this timeless charm to feel a renewed sense of serenity and prosperity.


This week’s top Smart Saver restaurant has been a local gem in downtown Vancouver’s West End for decades.  Stepho’s.  Remember the name people.  Stepho’s restaurant located on Davie and Thurlow Streets has been serving up delicious Greek food in Vancouver for many years.  The food is tasty and the people are friendly but the two things they are most recognized for are the massive portions of food they serve and the line ups outside of hungry diners waiting to get in.  Chicken Souvlaki, Kalamari and Roast Lamb are among their top sellers.   All meals are under $10 and there’s usually leftovers for later.  Don’t get discouraged when you see the line up for the first time though, arrive early if possible and remember that take-out is always an option.


We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback about living in Vancouver the Smart Saver way.  If you have any recent experiences you’d like to share or have any questions or inquiries about the ideas provided, please do so by responding to this blog post.  We look forward to continue providing you with the best insider tips to maximize your time here in Vancouver and creating the best memories to take with you.




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