Smart Saver Vancouver – Summertime

Good day INTERNeX family,

There’s much going on in our city this month.  It feels like summer has made its way to Vancouver and the proof can be seen in the dress code all over town.  The beaches and parks are filling up quickly and people are out and about soaking up these precious summer moments.

A long standing summertime tradition here in Vancouver is the “Celebration of Light.” An annual fireworks festival lasting two weeks, where competing countries showcase their works in hopes for top honors of the world.  This year’s schedule of competing nations are as follows:

China                     July 30th

Spain                     August 3rd

Canada                 August 6th

Grand Finale      August 10th

This two week festival attracts nearly 400,000 spectators to each event!  That being said, if you’re planning on attending, be prepared.  The best location to experience the entire festival is at English Bay Beach in the Downtown West End.  This is also the most popular place for viewing thus attracting the largest crowd.  Food and beverage vendors and public washrooms are located all over this site.  The area surrounding the site is well patrolled by Vancouver’s finest ensuring a safe experience for all.

If you’re looking for a place a bit less frantic to view the fireworks, the music can still be heard from across False Creek at one of the many beachfront areas of Kitsilano which make for a great alternative.  A few minutes further down from Kistilano Beach along Cornwall Avenue and Point Grey Road lie a few hidden beaches and secluded waterfront parks where you can enjoy a relaxing, intimate evening with fireworks in the background.  These locations require a bit more walking but are worth the private views!  Pack some snacks bring something to sit on, call up your friends and enjoy the show!

Another great way to really enjoy summer in Vancouver is to see the city by water from your very own speedboat for the day.  There are two locations in Vancouver that I have rented speedboats and would highly recommend.  The first is Coal Harbour Boat Rentals located in the Coal Harbour Marina at the north end of Cardero Street in Downtown.  Here you can rent speedboats from $50 per hour and drive them around the edge of the city of if feeling a bit more adventurous, head east past Deep Cove and up the Indian Arm and discover the charming little marina communities along the way.  Approx. 1 hour by boat each way.

The second place recommended for speedboat rentals are at Sewell’s Marina located in Horseshoe Bay.  Here they offer various sizes of speedboats catering to 4 or 6 passengers.  Starting at $50 per hour, this location also offers 4 Hour Specials starting at $179 and Full Day Specials starting at $332.  This location includes gas, insurance and all other related fees into their rates unlike other competitors.  Sewell’s Marina can be reached by public transit buses leaving from Downtown Vancouver.  Bus ride approx. 30 minutes.

I hope some of you decide to take advantage of these summertime offerings that Vancouver is so lucky to have.  In the meantime, keep on creating those lifelong memories here in Vancouver and have fun!


Your PR Team

INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200-211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

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