Smart Saver Vancouver

Good day INTERNeX family,


Travelling to a new country is exciting.  It’s natural to keep in touch with loved ones from wherever you may be in the world.  It’s understood that many of you carry cell phones as a communication device here in Vancouver.  Since most local wireless phone providers require at least a 2 year contract it seems a better idea to buy a new SIM card from any local phone retailer and choose the pay-as-you-go option.  If you brought your mobile phone with you from your home country there is no need to purchase a new mobile phone.  You can simply get your phone unlocked, purchase a new SIM card and use it here in Canada.

Phone unlocking can be done at the Chinatown Night Market for under $20.  The process takes about 10 minutes.  Then you can use your mobile phone from home that you are comfortable with.


Granville Island is a marina neighbourhood nestled at the bottom of Granville Street at 4th Avenue, accessible by transit bus or bicycle. The area offers stunning photography opportunities.  Capture the scenic backdrops around the area and have them as Vancouver souvenirs for the rest of your life.   The island is also home to some very artistic individuals who display their works for the people and street entertainers who love to put on a free show to dazzle the crowd.  Street entertainers do accept gratuities but use your own discretion.


In Granville Island, you can find the ingredients needed to make yourself a lovely meal without paying top end prices like those at a restaurant.  The freshest seafood, meats and produce are available here on a daily basis, mostly from local and sustainable sources.  The beauty is that you only pay for what you will use and nothing more.  For example you can just buy: 2 asparagus sticks, 1 tomato, 25 grams of cheese, etc.   No more spoiled and wasted food in the refrigerator.


We are currently working on more ways to save you some serious cash on things like communication, travel and food. The more you save, the more you can spend on fun things around town so log in next week when we’ll share with you another Vancouver Smart Saver idea.



Your PR Team

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