How was your Weekend?

Hey guys,

In the beginning of the weekend the Staffhouse organized – again 😉 – one of their legendary House-Parties, and it was a success! We were approximately 30 crazy party willing people and celebrated into the earliest morning hours.

The next day began a bit lazy, well it also didn’t start that early! But anyways, some of the Staffhouse members went to Lynn Valley and some went to the beach just to hang out and to enjoy the great sunshine-weather of Vancouver. I went with some other Guys to the Supermarket and Gas-Station to organize groceries and gas for the Staffhouse BBQ in the evening, and you can imagine, it was again a success. We had lots of fun and also some friends joined us. After the BBQ we all together watched some movies.

On Sunday I climbed up Grouse mountain with Claudio and 4 other guys from the Staffhouse, which was a really exhausting trip, but it was really worth it because when you reach the top you are not only proud of you that you have survived it, no, you also have a FANTASTIC view over the whole City of Vancouver. Amazing! But we were crazy enough not to take down the gondola for $10, nope, we hiked down which was also an adventure for its self, because we were not sure if this has been the correct way down, but we were lucky and arrived safe at home in the Staffhouse. Because we also had some stuff left over from the BBQ from Saturday, we just did another one 😉

So I hope you also had a fantastic weekend how was it?


Your PR-Team

INTERNeX International Exchange

Suite 200-211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

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